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Dear All:

Thanks for your calls to Charles Krug management about the outrageous and illegal lockout of union workers (the last warehouse union) up here in Napa. There continues to be a blackout in the local press on the daily pickets and the use of scabs. If anyone knows how to get any media here, please call me or the union president jerry barlow at (209) 988-2896.

Please start faxing Marc Mondavi himself, the President and chief obstacle to re-opening negotiations. (707) 967-2291. Let him know hundreds of us will be coming to St Helena to march with the workers on Sunday. The phone number of the winery is 963-276l. Let them know we will be advertising this boycott of C.K Mondavi and all Charles Krug wines on a national basis.

Please call the Napa Valley Tourist Bureau and say that you don't want to come to Napa when workers are locked out with medical benefits terminated, sub-standard wages, and unsafe working conditions. You can reach them at (707)226-7459.

Thank you for everything.

Lauren Coodley

Dear All:

I am involved in helping a group of winery workers who have been illegally locked out of Charles Krug Winery in St Helena. The contract offered contained large wage reductions, elimination of skilled jobs, and erosion of seniority, as well as elimination of medical coverage.

The membership of 45 (the last unionized warehouse crew in the valley) voted unanimously to reject the contract. The owner/manager, Mark Mondavi, refused to allow a federal mediator into negotiations.

This courageous multi-racial group of workers need our support immediately. Please call Krug at 707 (963-276l) and tell them you will not visit their winery nor buy their labels (Charles Krug, CK Mondavi) until they bargain with their workers and end the illegal lockout (NLRB charges have been filed).

Please forward this message as widely as you can. They are picketing daily and need visitors (just north of St Helena). Let's try to get press or KPFA coverage. Checks to help with their family needs can be sent to UFCW, Local l86D, 329 Downey Ave, Modesto Ca 95354.

Please help these workers see that we care about maintaining unionized workplaces in an area where wealth and poverty co-exist so glaringly.

Thank you,
Lauren Coodley

p.s. please let me know if you have forwarded this or called the winery so I can let the workers and their union know.

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