Labor Solidarity Meeting
On The Anniversary of International Womenıs Day

Thursday March 9, 2006 7:00 PM
Fellowship Of Humanity Hall
390 27th St./Broadway Oakland

The Union Busting Epidemic &
How To Fight It

Video Screening of  "Lockout 484" &
"Solidarity Has No Borders, Lessons Of The Neptune Jade"

Join locked out Celanese workers from Boilermakers Local 484 in Meredosia, Illinois, Will Goodo a fired worker from Richmond Comcast, fired Berkeley Honda IAM1546 Shop Steward Nat Courtney, SEIU790, fired SF PUC former steward Phyllis Porter and other fired and victimized workers to learn about the growing union busting epidemic and what to do about it. Over 20,000 workers are fired every year for trying to form a union and more and more workers who have unions are facing discharges and discrimination for union membership.

Benefit For Fired Workers
$3.00 Donation Requested (no one turned away from lack of funds)

Also, there will be an BA solidarity picket in support of the Meredosia workers on Thursday March 9, 2006 at 4:00 PM at National Starch in Berkeley. This company is helping to attack the union. It is located at 746 Grayson St./7th St. in Berkeley, CA. Following the picket there will be a march to Berkeley Honda on 2600 Shattuck & Parker St to support striking IAM  & IBT fired Honda workers.

Sponsored by Labor Video Project, Transport Workers Solidarity Committee TWSC, Bay Area Labor Action Coalition (BALC)
For information email (415)282-1908


There will be a protest rally at Oakland City Hall on Tuesday March 7th at
4PM. The rally, initiated by the Transport Workers Solidarity Committee and
endorsed by ILWU Local 10, the longshore union, will take place while the
City Council is meeting to take a final vote on the settlements in the case
of the bloody police attack on April 7, 2003 against anti-war demonstrators
and longshore workers at terminal gates in the port. This planned police
deployment shortly after the start of the war in Iraq used so-called
"non-lethal" weapons to stop peaceful anti-war demonstrators from
protesting, war profiteers, the maritime companies, American President
Lines and Stevedore Services of America. The attack was condemned by the UN
Human Rights Commission as one of the most violent acts of government
repression. Mayor Jerry Brown and City Council President Ignacio de la
Fuente, who have backed the police attack, received protest messages from
the late Ossie Davis, Alice Walker, and trade union organizations
representing millions of workers around the world.

It's necessary for all organizations that are concerned about civil
liberties, civil rights, trade union rights, police brutality to mobilize
your members to protest this police attack and the government cover-up.
Speakers at the rally will include some of the victims of the police attack
and messages of solidarity. Paying financial settlements to victims of
police brutality does not solve the problem of the continuous violation of
our democratic rights. Only by mobilizing in masses of working people can
we defend those rights for all.