Golden Newsletter 05/03/15
 South Table Mountain 
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  May 3, 2015





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The Golden Newsletter was started in 1998 as communication for Save The Mesas and then CINQ.


Drawing of Castle Rock on South Table Mountain

by Mary Parker



City & Local News


   Sherpa House restaurant on the corner of 15th Street & Washington, owned by Lhakpa Sherpa and operated mostly by Sherpa family. Lhakpa was sponsored into the U.S. nearly 20 years ago by Goldenites.  

   Charlie and Janine Sturdavant of Golden City Brewery partnered with Lhakpa and others to design and construct Sherpa Brewing, the first craft brewery in Nepal. 

   Janine Sturdavant has created a crowd-funding site to help with relief efforts:

   "We are raising money through Indiegogo in order to get help to the people of Nepal through our Sherpa family, friends and employees.  The next few weeks will be a terrible time as they run out of food, fuel and patience.  Since we have a bank account in Nepal, we can transfer funds overnight to the Sherpas in place who can help.  Here is the Indiegogo link.  Please share everywhere you can."


    Update:: $10,950 raised by 86 people in 6 days

   The more reports we are getting from Nepal, the worse the news.  Villages were destroyed in the mountain areas.  We will be sending your donations to Nepal in 9 days to help where ever we can.  Thank you so much for helping.

Help spread the word about the fundraiser!