CA Public Workers Conference

February 20, 2010 San Francisco


The deepening economic decline of California and the United States threatens the maintenance of public services including education, transit,  healthcare and all local, regional and state jobs. Additionally, the collapse of housing prices in California will have a long term impact on the revenue stream for education and other public services. The need for a unified political strategy and action plan for the defense of public services and the users of these services is critical.

The continued successful efforts by anti-labor forces using this crisis to make structural changes to bring privatization of education and the outsourcing and destruction of our public services through furloughs and lay-offs of education of public services  is growing. Already the Democratic controlled legislature has voted for “The Race To The Top” which will privatize more of California education and their legislative analyst is proposing a 10% wage cut for all California state workers.

This year the need to have a united mass action that unites all million public workers and those threatened with the lost of their public services to act together collectively is vital. Public workers cannot solve this crisis only by isolated actions in their district, college, city or county.

The California Faculty Association, the California Federation of Teachers, the UTLA, the OEA, APC, UESF, the California Federation of Labor, the San Francisco Labor Council, UPTE, AFSCME 444, and many other organizations have called for support to the March 4 strike and actions to defend public services.

A statewide public workers conference has been supported by the Northern California organizing committee for this March 4 Action and UPWA to address these important issues and unite the 1.5 million public workers in California with a platform and program of action.

Initial List Of Speakers:

Diane Brown, Progressive Teachers Of Richmond, Member of UTR*

Charles Smith, Former Chief Steward AFSCME Local 444

Wren Bradley, Vice Chair SEIU 521 Santa Clara County Employees

George Wright, AFT 1493* Skyline College

Nate Holmes, SEIU 1021* Steward

Maria Lourdes Nocedal, UESF*

John S. James, APC Council Member Chief Steward, CSU Chico

Representative From UPTE UCB

*for information only


Saturday February 20, 2010 10:00 AM-3:00 PM

ILWU Local 34

800 2nd St./Embarcadero next to AT&T Ballpark

San Francisco


Initiated by

United Public Workers For Action

March 4 Northern California Organizing Committee

For information call (415)867-0628

-labor donated-