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November 25, 2001
Pacifica Campaign Release

Dear Pacifica Campaign Supporters,

Last week's decision by the Pacifica national board to resign and then reform along more democratic lines marks an important turning point in the history of our struggle.

Under the 5-5-5 plan, five board members would be chosen by the dissident side, five members by the majority side, and five members would be appointed by the five Local Advisory Boards (LABs) from the five Pacifica stations. This interim board would then organize elections at the four LABs that are presently unelected.

While the Pacifica Campaign has not officially reviewed the results, we are cautiously optimistic that this new deal is a good starting point for setting the network on a road toward genuine democratic accountability to listeners and staff.

We believe that this settlement, while not the sweeping victory that many in our movement wanted, certainly represents a qualitative step from where the network was only a few months ago. It shows the strategy of a listener boycott, combined with direct action pressure on individual board members, while at the same time supporting the litigants' fight in the California courts, was the most effective and fastest way to beat the corporate takeover of the network.

However, until the new interim board is actually formed, we call on all Pacifica listeners and reform activists nationwide to continue the boycott and to keep the pressure on individual board members.

This is a critical time. We know first hand how duplicitous some of those who remain from the old board "majority" have been in the past. The only guarantee of victory is the strength of our movement. We must stay focused, united, and active. Therefore, the Pacifica Campaign will remain fully staffed until the new board is in place and has begun operating. Once that transitional board takes over, we will review our position.

We will soon provide the entire Pacifica reform movement with a final summary report of our work and a complete financial report on all funds received and spent by the campaign during 2001, our only year of existence. We do this to adhere to the very principle of accountability and transparency that we demanded of the Pacifica board during this long struggle.

In the meantime, we ask for your continued financial support. You can make a secure online donation to the Pacifica Campaign by going to the PayPal web site ( or go to the donation page of the Pacifica Campaign web site and click onto the PayPal logo:

As usual, tax-deductible contributions by check can be made payable to the Institute for Media Analysis/Pacifica Campaign and mailed to:

Pacifica Campaign
51 MacDougal St., #80
New York, NY 10012

Thanks to all of you who made it possible for listeners to take this huge step forward toward reclaiming Pacifica.

In struggle,

Juan Gonzalez
Coordinator, Pacifica Campaign

Pacifica Campaign
51 MacDougal St., #80
New York, NY 10012

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