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March on Wall Street: Saturday, April 4

The time is now for the movements for peace and social and economic justice to do what Dr. King advocated on April 4, 1967: break the silence about the deeper ills in our country that hold us back from a more just and peaceful world.

Outrage over the bank bailouts and AIG bonuses is growing, but so are the ranks of the unemployed, the number of foreclosed homes, the struggles of working people, and the budget cuts that will crimp spending on our most important human services. Now is the time to step up and demand that our tax dollars be used to rebuild our communities and help, not hinder, working people in their struggle for jobs, health care, housing, and a better future.

On Saturday, April 4, Dr. King's vision is our calling: we will take our demand for a new set of national priorities to our nation's financial center: Wall Street. 

Join USLAW and United For Peace and Justice on Saturday, April 4, to herald in this new era of our work!

For those who are not able to make it to New York City on Saturday, April 4, we strongly urge you to help us out by spreading the word far and wide. You can forward this message or send your own.

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Thank you so much!