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An International Labor Communication Conference
December 7,8 & 9, 2001
University Of San Francisco, San Francisco, California

How are corporations using media and information technologies against working people? How can working people put media and information technologies to our own use to organize in the United States and internationally? Join us in San Francisco in December as we address these two critical questions for the international labor movement.

The Labor Tech International Conference has been held each year since 1989 in San Francisco, Minneapolis, and Madison in the US, Vancouver, Canada, and Russia. These conferences have played a key role in educating and developing labor communication media and technology for rank and file workers. They have contributed to the formation of LaborNets (Internet networks) in the US, England, Korea, and Japan, which in turn have played an important role in building international solidarity in the Liverpool Dockers strike, the Boeing workers strike and other labor struggles throughout the world.

We have already received interest from the US, Canada, Belgium, UK, Russia, Japan and Korea. We invite you to participate in our coming conference and to let us know what issues you feel need to be addressed. We are now accepting submissions for conference sessions. Deadline for Proposals: September 15, 2000.
Some of the proposed conference sessions are:

  • High Technology & Visa Workers,
  • Workers, Chip Mills & Organizing,
  • Creative Rights In The Global Digital Economy,
  • Permanent Temp Workers,
  • The Globalized Workforce,
  • Cross Border Organizing
  • High Technology & Work Related Injuries,
  • ICANN and the Labor Movement
  • The Digital Divide In Hi Tech
  • Streaming Your Video & Audio,
  • Building Labor Sites On the Web
  • The Defense of Broadband Access For Working People
  • Setting Up A Micro-Radio Station
  • Setting Up A Labor TV Show
  • The Independent Media Centers And Labor
  • How To Use Labor Multi-Media In The Schools: Case Experiences
Endorsed by:

LaborTech 2001Union Producers and Programmers Network (UPPNET), LaborNet,, National Association of Letter Carriers Local 214, San Francisco Liberation Radio, Media Studies Department and the Politics Department @ University of San Francisco, San Francisco Labor Council, National Writers Union UAW, NWU- UAW 1981, NALC 214, Brooklyn College Graduate Center for Worker Education, Labor-On-Line, Working USA, The Journal of Labor and Society, Jinbonet (Korea).

The weekend cost will be $175.00. Subsidies are available.

For information and registration, contact us at
P.O.Box 425584
San Francisco,CA 94142
or contact:
Carl Bryant at, Steve Zeltzer at, or Dorothy Kidd at

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