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Schedule as of 4/4/02

Sunday, April 28
Nickelodeon Theater  11 am
Norma Rae
(Director: Martin Ritt, 1979, 110 min)
Textile mill organizing in the South-Oscar for Sally Fields.
Speaker: (not confirmed)

Cabrillo College Forum  7 pm
With Babies and Banners
(Producer: Women's Labor History Film Project, 1978, 45 min)
Women's role in the 1937 GM sitdown strike.

American Standoff
(Director: Kristi Jacobson, 2002, 95 min)
2X Academy Award winning Barbara Kopple's newest on Teamsters' organizing.
Speaker: Kristi Jacobson, director

Monday, April 29
Community Television Studio  7 pm
Golden Lands, Working Hands, Parts 9-10
(Director: Fred Glass, 1999, 43 min)
California Labor History.
Speaker: Fred Glass, filmmaker

Earl Robinson, Composer of Joe Hill, Singing Live at the Civic (5 min)

The Phoenix Project
(Producer: Jonathan Boutelle, 1989, 54 min)
Unions set up Pavilions to save city businesses after Loma Prieta

I Am Somebody
(Director: Madeline Anderson, 1970, 28 min)
South Carolina hospital strike.

Tuesday, April 30
Community Television Studio  7 pm
"International Labor"
Speaker: Steve Zeltzer, Labor Video Project of SF

Face Off
(Producer: Myoung-Joon Kim, Labor News Production, Korea, 2002, 25 min)
Recent upsurge of the Korean labor movement.

Record of Repression
(Labor News Production, Korea, 2002, 15 min)
History of repression against Korean unions.

Women, Free Trade Zones and the Multinationals
(Labor Video Project, 1992, 58 min)
Effect of NAFTA and the Free Trade Zones on women workers.

Labor Battles the WTO
(Steve Zeltzer, Labor Video Project, 1999, 40 min)
What workers really think about the Seattle Battle.

Wednesday, May 1
County Supervisors Chambers  Noon
Golden Lands, Working Hands, Parts 1 & 3
(Director: Fred Glass, 1999, 45 min)
California Labor History.

Del Mar Theater  6 pm
6 pm: Harlan County, USA
(Director: Barbara Kopple, 1977, 103 min)
Miner's wives sustain Kentucky coal strike.

8 pm: Bread and Roses
(Director: Ken Loach, 2000, 110 min)
Justice for Janitors successful campaign in LA.
Speaker: Jono Shaffer, Justice for Janitors (invited)

Thursday, May 2
Kresge Town Hall, UCSC  7 pm
UCSC Rallies
(Director: Lisa Mastramico, 2002, 5 min)
Vocal reception to UC Regents' visit.

(Co-directors: Maple Razsa and Pacho Velez, 2001, 45 min)
Living Wage campaign at Harvard.
Speaker: Maple Razsa, filmmaker

Salt of the Earth
(Director: Herbert J. Biberman, 1945, 94 min)
Classic once-blacklisted story of Mexican-American miners' strike in

Friday, May 3
Cabrillo College Watsonville Center  7 pm
Dollar A Day, 10 Cents A Dance
(Producer: Geoffrey Dunn, 1984, 30 min)
Filipino immigrant farmworkers in the Pajaro Valley.

Watsonville On Strike
(Producer & Director: Jon Silver, 1989, 65 min)
Teamster cannery workers' 18-month struggle.
Speaker: Jon Silver, filmmaker

Fighting For Our Lives
(UFW, 1974, 59 min)
Cesar Chavez and the UFW grape boycott.

Saturday, May 4
Nickelodeon Theater  11 am
The Big One
(Producer: Michael Moore, 1997, 90 min)
"Protecting the earth from the scum of corporate America"
Speaker: (not confirmed)

Cabrillo College Forum  7 pm
Running Out Of Time(Producer: John de Graaf, 1994, 55 min)
Humorous look at today's equivalent of the 8-hour day struggle.
Speaker: John deGraaf, filmmaker

Live Nude Girls UNITE!
(Directors: Julia Query and Vicky Funari, 2000, 75 min)
Whatever you wear or don't wear when you're doing it-it's still work.
Speaker: Julia Query, filmmaker



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