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We are forwarding to you an appeal issued by LabourStart on behalf of the Iraqi Teachers Union.  Iraq continues to enforce the antiunion laws enacted by Saddam Hussein.  It continues to interfere in the internal affairs of unions and labor federations.  The new Iraqi Constitution calls for the adoption of a basic labor law to protect the rights of workers to organize and bargain in the unions of their choice.  Iraq is also a signatory to ILO Convention 98 regarding those rights, making it a treaty obligation. 

Please take a moment to join this campaign to demand that the government of Iraq respect and protect labor rights. 

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The Iraqi Teachers Union has issued an emergency appeal for support - the union faces a government takeover.  Tomorrow, teachers in their thousands are going to demonstrate in the streets of Baghdad.  All they're asking us to do is send off email protest messages. Please click here to learn more and send off your protest now.

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Iraq: Teachers union faces threat of government takeover

The Iraqi Teachers' Union is under attack from the Iraqi Government. The government has authorized an official body to take over the union under the pretext of forcing the union to hold elections. It is worth noting that the ITU has already held several national conferences since 2003 and had elected an ITU leadership openly and democratically. The government attempts are illegitimate, unacceptable and a blatant violation and interference in the internal democratic affairs of the union. They also violate the Iraqi constitution which guarantees workers the right to organize. The ITU leadership has refused to hand over the union and is ready to struggle to preserve the independence of the ITU. Because of this, its leaders are under the threat of arrest. The ITU is organizing another national protest with major demonstration in central Baghdad on 28 March 2009 and it needs your solidarity and support.


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