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Hayward Durham Transportation Rally

Durham Transportation Company workers have been organizing and filed for union election for collective bargaining representation for to be held June 29, 2001. Durham Transportation responded to the workers rights to hold a fair and democratic election by hiring Cruise and Associates a union busting labor consultant firm which has held the workers in captive audience meetings for weeks, sometimes 2 to 3 times per day to pound them into submission to vote "no" against union representation.

Cruise and Associates moved the workers from an air conditioned meeting room to a stifling hot meeting room in 90 to 100 degree heat we are having which is causing some of the workers to become ill from the stress, hostility the consultants are creating, and the heat. Cruise and Associates went so far as to stop the school buses the drivers are transporting children on en route to their classrooms and homes to attempt to intimidate the drivers and their child passengers with their anti union propaganda. The organizing workers were appalled at Cruise and Associates lack of morality at frightening their child passengers who had no idea why their buses were being pulled over and what these strangers were doing boarding their buses. The school bus drivers had a difficult time safely driving after these scare tactics on Cruise and Associates parts and settling down their child passengers who were also upset and frightened after these unscheduled pull overs and boardings by strangers they did not know. Many of these children are in special categories and programs for learning or physical challenges.

The children's parents are not even allowed on the buses. The organizing workers have requested community support to maintain a neutral company policy with their organizing and upcoming union election. After meeting with several Bay Area community support groups this week, including DEMOS Democratic Club of Hayward, who stopped their meeting to vote a club resolution to support Teamsters Local 78 and the organizing workers and donated money to a general support fund for the organizing workers, we have had an UNCONFIRMED report that Durham Transportation Company has sent Cruise and Associates packing as of this past Friday evening. We are hoping that report is true. If Durham Transportation has done this and sent Cruise and Associates back home under the rock they crawled out from, the workers have had a major victory with your help!!!! Although, one week out from the worker's election it is a little late to say Durham Transportation Company has not tainted and poisoned a fair election process. Nine unfair labor charges have been filed to date against Durham Transportation Company for their vicious battle against their worker's rights to democracy and a voice in their working conditions.

We have a pregnant worker who is becoming sick from all of the stress of the captive audience meetings and is close to end term stages of her pregnancy. She has gone for medical assistance to get out of these captive audience meetings and all the hostility Cruise and Associates and the management team of Durham Transportation are trying to foment amongst the workers towards each other. Managers and Consultants tend to not be concerned that they not only destroy union organizing (which they WANT to do) but that they can destroy lives of the workers in their GREED driven process. In this case we have an unborn child at risk from the mother's stress throughout their onslaughts. I intend to hold Mr. Larry K. Durham and is UNION BUST "THUGS" responsible if anything happens to that pregnancy from his psychological onslaughts to these workers, and any other medical or psychological problems his "torture artists" have created. Through all of these "gestapo tactics" by Cruise and Associates and the Durham Transportation management team, the workers are staying strong, but they need our community support.

Hope to see you on Wednesday, June 27th to support the organizing workers for their upcoming union election.
In Solidarity,
Please forward and distribute the worker's Rally info below:
Rally for Hayward and Livermore Durham Transportation Co. WORKERS and their rights to a fair and employer neutral union election and organizing:

WHERE: Hayward Durham Transportation Yard
27577 Industrial Way, Hayward, CA
WHEN: WED, JUNE 27TH @ 5 pm

The workers at Durham Transportation Company are a majority of women drivers and are ethnically and racially diverse with a strong Latino population. They are among the lowest paid school bus and paratransit drivers in the industry, with no paid hourly training for their time to become commercially licensed, no paid vacation time, no company paid medical insurance and no pension. They transport wheel chair dependent students to school and back home again and spend much of their energy being friends, mentors, and role models for their young charges. The workers are suffering under a shortage of drivers and mechanics and lack back up coverage if a driver is sick, the children have to stay home from school and miss their classes because another driver does not have the time or availability to take over any extra routes. The workers just wanted better working conditions and compensation for themselves and a safe working environment for their young student passengers. They were answered with union busters instead.

Rally Co-sponsored by:
Teamsters Union Local 78 and
Machinist Automotive Trades Union Local Lodge No 1173

Organizers: Skip Joaquin, Lead Organizer, Teamsters Local 78
Astraea Kelly, Assistant Organizer, Teamsters Local 78
Jesse Juarez, Organizer, Machinists Automotive Trades Local 1173
JESSE JUAREZ AT 925-687-6421 EXT. 16

--- Astraea Kelly

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