Systemic Corruption In SEIU 1000?
How your dues money was used to manipulate YOUR SEIU Election wins

It is a few pages but a very informative read:

We all request that you read some of the below and then if you are at work please feel
free to forward to another personal e-mail (non work) account so you can read at your
leisure. If you find it not only appalling but despicable, dishonest and hypocritical
please do not hesitate to forward to your fellow state co-workers to spread the word as 
the chances we are taking on getting discovered to get this information out will be for 
naught. It will be up to you as there is another statewide election around the corner. 
We may make non biased recommendations to you but ultimately it will be up to you and 
many of us can no longer hang on to some of these secrets. Some reading may be slightly 
boring, but rest assured the history is needed for you to understand how the game was 
played AND WON! Please also understand that we do believe in workers rights, the right 
to collectively bargain to protect those rights and we believe that Labor Organizations 
as a whole are necessary, BUT this organization and specifically SEIU degrades the 
reasons that workers created the labor movement! It has definitely impacted several of 
us to consider giving up the labor movement. There is no doubt that the higher you rise 
in Labor, the more deplorable and dishonest you must become to get to the next level.

Secrets you will discover-- such as 1) thousands of SEIU members actually think you 
voted for one candidate, but your ballot recorded a different candidate. 2) Many of you 
think you have always been a non-member, fair share fee payer or non germane objector 
but in reality your 'clone' signed you up to be a member on your behalf for the last 
election AND voted but you were not aware of that because your membership application 
never made it to CSEA to be processed after the votes were counted. 3) The rest of you 
were positive that you did not bother to vote as you rarely or never have, BUT your 
alter ego did vote, we apologize that you just were not aware.

Below will be information regarding how your current Elected Officers, SEIU 
Administrators, consultants and some staff participated in using your dues money to 
manipulate and control votes in the Local 1000 elections to maneuver some into state 
wide SEIU office and some to executive board office and some to local DLC [District 
Labor Council] office. Yes it is absolutely true and we will explain how, but we 
request that you please read all that is enclosed. 

Let us introduce ourselves by explaining to you the members of SEIU Local 1000 and 
stating that the group compiling this is former key SEIU / CSEA members, executive 
board members, current staff, current and retired CSEA and SEIU administration. Whereas this 
likely will have ramifications to other potential Local Unions and members as well the 
concentration for now is to the Local 1000 members.

Here is how it worked in the most recent past several elections and is being attempted 

Prior to the last statewide SEIU Local 1000 election 2008 you had SEIU officers of Jim 
Hard President, Kathy Hacket Vice President {Treasurer}, Marc Bautista Vice President 
{Organizing /Representation} and Yvonne Walker Vice President {Bargaining}. Prior to 
their expected re-election there was a lot of opposition being raised from various 
entities within the union membership, staff and administration. The issue was whether 
Jim Hard and Kathy Hacket were re-elect able, and if not them then who would carry the 
ever important mantle for SEIU? There were charges of dishonesty, cheating and the 
like, all of which the loyal staff and administration {some} who knew no better defended 

Secret meetings were then held between Yvonne Walker, Margarita Maldonado {Chair of 
Unit 1} and a few trusted others to determine what they should do. Yvonne Walker and 
Margarita Maldonado decided to create their own election slate to run against Jim and 
Cathy. A few key staff caught wind of this and became concerned on how a two way split 
of SEIU votes {Jim Hard / Kathy Hacket Ballot} and a {Yvonne Walker / Margarita 
Maldonado Ballot} could cost SEIU Local 1000 and the International the election and 
give it to the opposition.

The staff then went to Michael Baratz {Chief of Staff} Local 1000 and provided the 
concern and asked to remain anonymous. Baratz feeling more loyalty to SEIU overall 
broached the issue with Jim Hard foregoing the anonymity which caused an internal 
upheaval. Considering the big mess this created, Baratz then contacted his good friend 
lets call him Phil, long time union and labor consultant whom will play a bigger role 
later. Phil suggested contacting SEIU International to seek guidance and help. Over the 
course of a couple of months, several visits from SEIU International and others and an 
inside deal was in the works. {Remember there are 95,000 SEIU members and their dues at 
stake!} During this same time at the costs of thousands of dollars Union Consultant 
Phil orchestrated 2 member phone bank surveys. 

Many of you may remember these calls as the survey was very long for a phone bank at 
about 15 minutes asking various wide ranging questions to hide the real agenda of 
seeking the then current popularity of Jim Hard and Kathy Hacket. The staff remembers 
these surveys because they were not told of the secret survey and in order to cover up 
or cloud the Phil survey phone bank, the staff was mandated to phone bank members as 
well for a totally innocuous separate issue of upcoming legislation to hide the Phil 
popularity survey, all of which pissed off the members whom yelled at the staff. 

The Phil popularity survey whose numbers and results interestingly enough were 
orchestrated by Phil returned with results that Kathy Hacket was least likely to 
prevail in the next election but that Jim Hard could be re-elected if placed within the correct 

An additional side note is that Michael Baratz did not like Kathy Hacket and influenced 
Phil's actual numbers to make it appear as lower than they actually were. Enter SEIU 
International with Phil's results in hand and a deal was brokered to have Yvonne Walker 
run for President, Jim Hard would be 'stepping back' as Vice President to allow new 
blood to start moving up and the deal included Kathy Hacket not running but 
remaining as an almost permanent union leaver thanks to the members dues money and not having to go 
back to her state job, but continuing her work at SEIU 1000 in an organizing role. 

Since Marc Bautista the current Vice President in charge of Organizing and 
Representation at that time was 'retiring' this left the remainder of the officer 
positions to be selected by Yvonne Walker. It was agreed that your current Vice 
President {Secretary / Treasurer} Cora Okumura would be selected since she was fairly 
popular, although unknown in Northern California she was based out of LA and her 
Husband Dave Okumura was immensely popular and was then running for State Wide Treasurer for 
CSEA. Yvonne Walkers good friend and close confident Margarita Maldonado was originally 
selected to run as the Vice President in charge of Bargaining but this would soon 
change as Phil the consultant became more involved in the election. Later, Chair of Bargaining 
Unit 3 Cindy Fonseca would be chosen to supplant Margarita Maldonado for the Vice 
President of Bargaining at the specific request of Yvonne Walker! Why would she replace 
her good friend you ask? 

Several side agreements and deals were reached during this time which included Phil 
being the lead consultant for the Yvonne Walker SEIU campaign. Donation 'requests' of 
$500.00 - $2000.00 were demanded from numerous staff for Yvonne Walkers campaign 
just as they are this year, even though staff is suppose to be non-participatory! Area 
Coordinator for LA Wendell Prude wrote a check for $5,000.00 himself and many more 
thousands came in to Yvonne Walker whom spent the money on her new car as it was left 
over from the campaign. While Phil was being paid a tidy sum to be the campaign 
lead his real payment would come later as his firm would be hired for SEIU 1000 consulting on 
numerous unnecessary campaigns, political events, lawn signs, organizing events, and 
decertification campaigns all for many 100's of thousands of dollars. We believe the 
latest total of which is approaching almost 2 million now over the last 3 years. All of 
which came out of the members dues money under the guise of some campaign to 'fight for 
the members!' If you do not believe us, requests all budgetary statements, cancelled 
checks and other bearing any business or shadow business names that Phil uses. Many 
times some in our group observed cash exchanging hands.

Now the good stuff'The previous campaign to this one 2005, in which Jim Hard, 
President, Marc Bautista, Vice President, and Yvonne Walker, Vice President were 
elected worked out fine accept Kathy Hacket lost 
her election originally to an opposition member which was 
a total surprise. Jim Hard being very close to Kathy Hacket blew a gasket and behind 
the scenes demanded it be fixed and then promptly went into a depression for two days. 

Eventually, there were several challenges filed and objections and although we are all 
trying to remember what the propaganda was ordered to be bantered about, there were 
either several hundred ballots {found} and a re-vote took place with the Franchise Tax 
Board Sacramento being ground zero and magically Kathy Hacket was the winner! Rumors of 
the then DLC and other key staff members and members filling out ballots by the hundreds 
and stuffing the boxes were quickly squashed. Challenges were heard by the Jim Hard 
election committee. 

Fast forward to 2008 and we get an even more ingenious method of {fixing} the election. 
Rest assured the same method will be attempted to be used in this years {April 2011} 
election. Due to all the complaints of voter tampering, lack of security, no 
impartiality etc in 2005 as charged continuously by the various oppositions of the SEIU 
elections, such as Lyle Hintz, CSEA United, etc a NEUTRAL party was sought out. Enter 
the well respected companies of Intraform, Inc, Martin and Chapman, Inc. located at 
1321 Howe Ave., Suite 200, in Sacramento. Certified by the Secretary of State and well known 
for their conducting of the state wide annual PERS campaigns. The most ingenious part 
about this 'vote fixing' is that Martin and Chapman do not know it is occurring! They 
are simply opening the ballots and counting them! 

It works like this: 

Phil as a former Union Leader and now Union and Labor consultant maintains and has 
maintained a huge and extremely detailed database on union membership for many years. 
This database has information on virtually every member in SEIU 1000, and other unions, 
going back to even when 1000 members were just CSEA as were many of us. This database 
provides information on every member, fee payer and non germane objector such as gender, 
age, address, phone, e-mail, etc everything that is on member applications or logged 
with the state. The most important data it contains for these purposes are who voted 
when, if and or how many times. For instance Phil knows not only if Mr. State Worker is 
a member, but has he ever voted, how many times and for what reasons and what specific 
events. Did Mr. State Worker vote in the previous CSEA or SEIU elections, did he vote 
on the contract only, did he vote on the decertification, DLC elections, dues increases, 
in other words how often if ever or when did Mr. State Worker vote? Why is this valuable 
knowledge?'We will explain

If Linda State Worker and Karen State Worker have always voted or at least 80% of the 
time in every local election then they are not good for Phil's purposes. However-if 
Jimmy State worker, Larry State Worker and Romeo State Worker have never voted or less 
than 20% of the time, or maybe just specifically for the contract only and not on 
elections then they will serve Phil's purposes nicely. 

Why or how do you ask? Because Phil and his minions will be casting ballots for Jimmy, 
Larry and Romeo State Worker and nobody would be the wiser!

How? Keep in mind that SEIU Local 1000 represents 90-95,000 members. Only a small 
percentage of those even on huge events such as contract ratification, and challenged 
internal elections bother or take the time to vote, as with any state or federal 

Let's use 95,000 members for our purposes

SEIU 1000 must mail out 95,000 ballots, 190,000 envelopes {1 each mail out envelope, 1 
each return envelope}, unknown thousands of member applications for those that are fair 
share fee payers and non germane objectors that may choose to vote but have to sign up 
to be a member to do so, AND 7-10,000 additional / EXTRA ballots AND double the 
envelopes both kinds. Why? Because SEIU needs to be able to send out duplicate ballots 
for those members that call and request a duplicate ballot because they did not receive 
theirs, or lost it or they moved etc. 

The large number of members' makes it extremely unlikely that anyone would question the 
large number of additional extra ballots and envelopes, to be used for legitimate 
duplicate purposes much less {fixing} purposes. Not to mention the simple issue that 
nobody ever questions how many extra ballots were ordered etc. For those of you that 
may be skeptical on this method, the secondary back up process is that SEIU or anyone that 
wants to do this finds out where the ballots and ballot envelopes are being ordered, 
which company or manufacturer / print shop and then either has a shadow organization, 
or a friendly union with a buddy on staff, or certain people that do consulting work to 
order ballots and envelopes from the same company under the guise of their own election. 
Where do you call for duplicate ballots? Check our own website- request duplicate 
nomination forms from or call 
866.471.7348 (SEIU).

Do you think that SEIU 1000 headquarters is going to need to mail out 7-10,000 
duplicate ballots? Not many more members than that even bother to vote state wide! So where do 
those additional / extra ballots / envelopes go? They get voted and submitted in the 
election! Yes, that's what we said'HOW?

1)	Thousands of extra ballots and envelopes are ordered and delivered to SEIU 
Headquarters, then stashed in Executive Staff Member Chris Benders office

2)	A large grouping of them are picked up by Yvonne Walker's SEIU consultant and 
campaign lead Phil, whom takes them to his numerous workshops

3)	Phil then uses his massive database to start selecting whom all the extra 
ballots are going to be cast for which would include members such as those above that 
never vote or not very often. Select executive staff members that were trusted, and 
some of Phil's most trusted staff and some college students, but very closely knit and 
trusted group start filling out the blank ballots for what the wanted outcome would be- 
in this case Yvonne Walker, Jim Hard and Cora Okumura, Some DLC presidents, DBURs etc. 
Why no Cindy Fonseca? 

4)	Care is taken that after the ballots are filled out, envelopes signed and sealed 
and in some instances member applications filled out for fee payers and non germane 
objectors that they are placed in separate boxes and trays that match up with where the 
ZIP code of the members are from. For instance, if they completed ballots and envelopes 
from members in the Fresno area, then they would be put in a tray with Fresno marked on 
it, or LA, Madera, Sacramento, San Diego, Redding and so on. They will remain in the 
separated trays until the last couple of weeks of the election.

5)	 The additional part of this scenario is that prior to this Phil has conducted a
HARD SURVEY. A Hard Survey is a real survey that is conducted when the person actually 
does not even know that tabulations or results are even being kept, and therefore their 
responses whether physical, in writing or verbal or true and accurate. Comparatively, a 
SOFT SURVEY is the type that SEIU and other organizations do all the time. For example- 
a person working for SEIU asks you if you will vote in favor of the new contract in an 
open meeting or even on a sidewalk. Maybe you feel pressure or you just don't want the 
hassle so you say yes. The answer is recorded but that is no guarantee you will 
actually vote that way. Phone Banks are soft surveys as an example as are most surveys. However, 
if you want to know what the best soda is and you have unmarked cans of soda with 
people drinking them and then selecting their favorite and recording the results 
later then you know which one was selected the most. 

6)	Phil conducted a Hard Survey by having a reasonable {if we remember 
correctly it was about 1000}number of ballot return envelopes bar coded to be 
returned to a different address than the official 
Election Address Headquarters on Howe Ave in Sacramento. These Hard Survey ballots 
were returned to the CSEA Print Shop and placed in the regular mail 
for SEIU 1000 to pick up as was normal practice. Print Shop personnel did not realize 
what was going on until later. This hard survey also required a back up cover story in 
case it was discovered which was the NEW {then} CBUR election being run for the first 
time and simultaneously during the same period as the state wide officer's election 
were being returned to the CSEA print shop address. This way if it was somehow discovered 
that officer election ballots or envelopes were being delivered to the CSEA print shop 
it would be claimed that the envelopes must have gotten mixed up with the CBUR Election. 
This year the CBUR election is in the same envelopes. The ballot envelopes were 
collected by Chris Bender and Michael Baratz and held for Phil. Phil would collect them 
and then tally the HARD results of the actual ballots from members and then use these 
actual vote totals to gauge where his candidates stood in the overall election. 
The hard survey ballots that were collected would later still be counted as votes AFTER 
they were changed to match how Phil 
wanted them to vote. The people that voted the original 
ballots would be none the wiser as their votes arrived but not as they voted.

7)	Why is this HARD survey important? Because it provides accurate information to 
Phil so he can calculate how many false or fixed ballots to mail out. If his candidates 
are losing by 30% then he mails enough plus 15% to cover the gap. If his candidates are 
winning by 10% then he mails 10-15% to assure the victory. This election had three 
candidate slates in it with the opposition all ladies team which included Cathleen 
Collins then the Yvonne Walker, Jim Hard team and the ever present anti SEIU, 
opposition team of Ken Hamidi and his opposition group. This was a perfect scenario for Phil. 
Phils' goal is then to provide false ballots for not only his candidates but for that 
team least likely to get many votes, which in this instance was Ken Hamidis' team per 
the hard survey numbers which came in for Hamidi with 11 votes out of the first 600 
plus hard survey ballots counted. This clinched the issue that Phil would be submitting 
false ballots for both his candidates 
of Yvonne Walker, Jim Hard and Cora Okumura and for Ken 
Hamidi and his slate. 

The goal is to submit enough ballots for your selected candidates to win, and enough 
for the last place no threat team to not only look respectable but to provide the appearance that had the two challenging teams 
not split the vote they would have won! If you review the numbers from the last election you will see that the survey 
and Phil's calculations 
worked to perfection!

8)	The last and most cruel part of the plan was this. Originally, Yvonne Walker 
selected her good friend Margarita Maldonado to run on her slate as the Vice President 
of Bargaining. Later the Chair of Bargaining unit 3 Cindy Fonseca was personally 
requested to run on the slate by Yvonne Walker and Margarita was encouraged to step 
back, gain some more experience, spend time with her family and this was the cover 
story provided. Cindy Fonseca graciously accepted the offer and joined the slate, unaware of 
what Yvonne and others had planned for her. Every Year leading up to this election 
there have always been some questions regarding the sanctity of the election process as well 
as challenges and the like. This was supposed to change in this election with the 
hiring of the independent firm of Martin / Chapman. But the consultant wanted to create an 
environment where there would hopefully be no questions or no challenges and an 
additional red herring needed to be utilized. 

Yvonne Walker personally encouraged Margarita Maldonado to step back, and encouraged 
Cindy Fonseca to step in because unknown to Fonseca she was about to be sacrificed. 
Yvonne Walker knew this and wanted to protect her good friend Margarita Maldonado which 
is why she was asked to step back, and then simply encouraged Fonseca to step up to the 

9)	To create the perfect environment you must give the opposition an appearance of 
a win, and they will assume the sanctity of the voting and ballot process were accurate 
and true since one of their own was elected. After careful consideration by Phil, 
Michael Baratz and Yvonne Walker team--- Cathleen Collins of the opposition slate was 
the selected guinea pig. To make a long story short, Cathleen Collins was selected by 
Phil and team because she was in LA, had medical issues at the time, and could easily 
be marginalized by the remaining officers and Yvonne herself since Cathleen Collins would 
only be the Vice President of Bargaining. It was decided that Yvonne Walker as President 
would control the upcoming bargaining process anyway in addition to help from bargaining
unit chairs Margarita Maldonado and possibly Cindy Fonseca. A joint decision was reached
by Phil, Baratz, and the Walker, inside team that Fonseca would receive no ballot 
assistance, but that Cathleen Collins would. The ballot assistance would then go to 
Yvonne Walker, Cora Okumura, Jim Hard, Cathleen Collins and also to the Hamidi team 
running on the third slate.

10)	Fast forward to today and many of you know that the plan worked perfect. Yvonne 
Walker, Jim Hard, Cathleen Collins and Cora Okumura were all elected to state wide 
office. There were a few key DLC officers that were also assisted in order to try and 
stack the executive board. Cathleen Collins was marginalized heavily by Michael Baratz, 
Yvonne Walker, Margarita Maldonado and others by not including her in meetings, not 
allowing her to participate, keeping her from needed information etc. The interesting 
issue was that Cindy Fonseca had the best totals statewide of anyone running on any 
slate. Remember that Cindy Fonseca had no ballot help from the consultants and yet her 
numbers surpassed those of even Yvonne Walker if you deduct the ballot help. This of 
course later double doomed Fonseca whom after years of working hard and volunteering 
for the union was rewarded with a lay off from the State and NOT a job from SEIU. You see, 
with unassisted vote totals like Fonseca had-- she became an instant threat to Yvonne 
Walker as long as she was a member. When Cindy received her lay off paperwork, Yvonne 
Walker turned a blind eye and did not hire Cindy for SEIU staff even though there were 
several openings and Yvonne had previously hired so many other members with far less 
talent than Cindy. Cindy would be walking around the office crushed that she could see 
no help in sight with the pending layoff, but many of our staff in Sacramento that knew 
the issue did not have the heart nor the job security to tell her the real reasons.

11)	We all forgot to mention that the final cog in the wheel is that all those 
separated ballots by zip code get placed in cars and driven to the various matching zip 
code cities within reason and then mailed the last week of the election. Fresno area 
ballots get mailed out of Fresno, LA, Rancho Cucamonga and San Diego and so on from 
those areas so as not to draw suspicion from all postal cancellation marks being mailed 
from Sacramento. What if there are duplicates you ask? On the rare occasion that this 
would occur there are two issues. 

Policy states that the ballot with the latest postmarked date is the one that counts, 
hence waiting the last week to mail it! And second- who ever puts the signature side by 
side to compare much less who is going to call Jimmy State Worker in Merced and have 
him send a signature sample-? 

12)	 There are the big elections such as the one above and the one quickly 
approaching, but there are the local elections as well that are {controlled} by the 
SEIU headquarters in Sacramento. Anytime there are elections where the ballots are mailed to 
the headquarters building to be counted there have been shenanigans going on. The 
unopened ballots are stored or locked away by Chris Bender for security purposes to 
protect the ballots until they need to be opened. They are separated by ZIP CODE, or
DCL numbers etc in separate trays. Depending on how Michael Baratz, Yvonne Walker or SEIU 
International needed to have the elections come out, Chris Bender would simply {work 
late} or go into work at 1-2 AM and place specifically marked ballots provided by Phil 
into the specific trays matching the Zip Codes and DLC numbers. Later, when the counting 
day arrives and some neutral observers are in the room the ballots are opened and 
removed from sealed envelopes and then counted. The election turns out in favor of what 
SEIU wanted and nobody is the wiser. Has anyone ever wondered why some of the opposition 
DLC's had so many votes in favor of who they opposed?

There is so much more we would like to tell all of the members. We can only say that we 
had high hopes for Yvonne Walker and supported her and her team Margarita Maldanado, 
Tameka Robinson, but the power has truly gone to their heads and that of her minions 
such as Brian Schroeder, John Simmons, Wendell Prude, Brian Caldeira and so many others 
all of whom make way too much money, while other staff and administrators get pennies. 
Rampant sexual harassment that is encouraged, officer and staff abuse, massive miss-use 
of funds, mysterious donations, 20% salary increases for administration, new cars, huge 
hotel suites for officers. Members such as those that work for CDCR, DMV, DGS getting 
lay offs and various budget cuts and SEIU does nothing like the most recent building 
sales. If any of you knew the truth, most of the good things that happen occur because 
the state or another union with state workers files lawsuit, and SEIU waits to see if 
they might win and then takes credit for it on the web site and in the paper. 

Actual comments made by Michael Baratz former Chief of staff, the latest and worst state 
wide field director Josh Wiser and Special Assistant to the President Yvonne Walker John Simmons:

1)	We would rather have them {state workers} laid off instead of f@%$%cking 
furloughed because then they can not complain and wine at us all the time that we are 
not doing anything, we are tired of their wining ' Baratz with others present
Salary $160,000 + apartment +vehicle stipend + credit card +++

2)	They are just state workers do you think they are smart enough to figure this 
stuff out, we will be working here forever!.......John Simmons Salary $100,000.00, 
vehicle stipend +++

3)	State workers are drones, and way less intelligent that UHW workers {SEIU 
Medical Division} but we want to make sure we are giving the impression we are working 
hard for them. Josh Wiser..Salary 100,000.00, vehicle stipend, expense account ++++

If anyone wants to thwart the problems above if there is still time there are few 
things that would help

1)	Petition or contact the independent election company and tell them they need to 
secure their own ballot envelopes, with bar codes or other identifiers unknown to SEIU 
built in to determine the validity of the envelopes. 

2)	Member list should be provided to the company so they can make the initial 
mailing, using their own envelopes

3)	That company should then do the mailing itself to the members and handle the 
duplicate requests as well. Duplicate ballot envelopes should be entirely different 
than the original envelopes so they are clearly set apart. If handling the duplicate 
requests is difficult then SEIU can take the calls, but then pass the information on to the 
company and advise who and where the duplicate gets mailed to. 

4)	The independent company protects the information regarding whom they ordered or 
had create the ballot envelopes

5)	If duplicates are received then they are held for signature verification and 
placed in the challenged ballots area. The members can be contacted via phone or fax to 
ascertain if they even voted, did they vote twice, when did they vote eetc.

6)	ALL elections not just state wide should be handled this way, which takes 
control from the SEIU headquarters

7)	The independent election company will have other ideas on how to do it as well

Recommendations: You can do this if you want it is up to you, but if you split the vote 
we all have no chance. 

President: Tim Chaney, support from Jim Hard is only question mark but there is no 
other choice here and a non vote or vote for Lisa Flores just puts Yvonne Walker back in

VP Bargaining Ed Perez, who would need to learn some things but is intelligent and 
considering we have a signed and lengthy contract has time to get up to speed

VP Sec / Treasurer Kathleen Collins This one was tough as Cora Okumura had nothing 
to do with the above nor did she know, and is a very nice person- but she would be 
a continued tie to Yvonne Walker

VP Organizing / Representation: There are no good choices here, but we all have to 
support one if we are to keep Yvonne Walkers slate member Tameka Robinson out, and so 
we are choosing Janea Williams and hope she has an open mind

It will be key if new officers win and assume control for them to be diligent in hiring 
NEW experienced, knowledgeable and intelligent labor staff and administrators. The new 
officers should try and attract some of the former senior staff that have left for 
greener pastures to try and stabilize the transition. None of the former officers 
should be involved in anything. Far to many have left for greener and better treated pastures, 
some were let go for no reason and many field staff just gave up and moved on as it is 
a constant battle between the Elected administration and their lack of knowledge and 
their advice and direction to the  experienced staff which has led to the lack of success we 
have had these last 4 years on behalf of you the members. Hundreds of arbitrations just 
dropped, cases not taken just settled, to many administrators that do nothing but make 
100,000.00 of dollars, elected officers continuously pitting staff against members, all 
of the secrets, witch hunts and underhanded tactics. It has to stop, it is up to you 
what you do with this information. We wish you all the best of luck. A few of us are 
here still and some have moved on but feel passionate about protecting workers. Good 
luck and please pass this on to your fellow state worker.

Do not be sidetracked by Yvonne Walkers recent attempt at council when she had the 
various DLC budgets read out loud. True, many of those need to be reigned in, and better 
control but they are pennies compared to the money being wasted by Yvonne and her 
executive staff on numerous overpaid administrators, and many other things that members 
are not aware.

Remember, you are encouraged to sign up as a member to vote even if you have not voted 
in the last several elections or votes. That will also screw up the fixed ballot counts. 
If the election does not go your way submit a written letter stating you wish to be non 
germane objector to CSEA membership in the month of June-send it certified. We encourage 
you not to do that as we want you to support labor but we would rather have your vote to 
stop the insanity.

Many people in various departments and members of the bargaining committees, some staff 
and others have supported these individuals for years. It is time to wake up and 
understand how you have been led down the path. Does anyone realize that since our staff 
has been reduced to just organizing rather than representation our representation has 
been worse through the URC ? Has anyone realized that our staff is now provided with 
busy work and just organizing but that our membership is now lower and not just from lay 
offs? How are administrators allowed to get away with massive sexual harassment and 
violations of the labor code when our staff works for a union? As soon as the staff 
raises concerns with council members, they are either fired or Yvonne Walker goes into a 
speech about how much they are paid! Then compares them to state worker salaries which 
are like comparing apples to oranges- the staff does not do the kind of work many of us 
state workers do. But her speech works every time and talented staff flock out the door. 
Yvonne and her team make you feel comfortable with the hiring of younger less 
experienced staff but nobody around to train them. Their time is wasted on conversation 
campaigns, putting lawn signs out, spending hours trying to get members to donate to 
SEIU political campaigns- it is all out of hand. The best and most successful unions are 
ones that work hand in hand with the staff as an equal partnership helping each other 
represent the members'good luck to all