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Death of a Local ?


Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2002 09:05:48 EST

On March 30, 2002, the UAW International,  through it's "henchman" Region 3
Director of Indianapolis Indiana, delivered what they hope to be the "death
blow" to this small Local of staunch Unionist. In a letter dated March 28th.
,2002  to Accuride/Phelps Dodge/ KKR,s Attorney Nathan Neimuth, simply

  "The International Union and its Local 2036 hereby disclaim interest in
representing hourly employees at Accuride' Henderson, Kentucky facility".
 The sell out continues, the Leadership at "SOD House" on Jefferson street
continues to beat up on this small local of 400 members after more than 4
years, simply because they won't roll over and take a contract that takes
away the last shred of dignity they have left,, to give up all that has been
earned over the years by not only these members but those that have gone
before them. These same "leaders" profess that it is the "worst contract
they have ever seen", yet they tell the Members to accept it or they will
loose their benefits, (Sept. 1999) refusing and standing alone on the picket
line foe another 14 months with out any benefits from the International
union, many needing , but not getting medical treatment, because the
International took it away. when this didn't work they placed the local
"friendly adminstratorship",(as Yokich termed it) still steadfastly
maintaining Solidarity in the face of what so many said was "surely" a lost
cause the members still maintained they would not take a contract that would
strip them of their Union rights,, continued to protest taking the fight to
the Rank & file members and the outrage that came about I believe shocked
some,, the International restored benefit's on October 5th., 2000  and
doubled them,, after paying these benefits for a year,, we were again
"ordered" by the "leadership" to vote on this proposal .

  We had already voted on this same proposal which was unchanged 3 times
previously,, now we were to voted again,, over whelmingly ,, it was voted
down again,, this obviously angered the "Bastards of SOD House,, the
were order to the "kings court" in Indianapolis to meet with "King" Thurman

 Thurman began the meeting with a few words,, "on Jan 15th., 2002 the
International Union will stopped all benefits to Local 2036" ,,

The officers were asked to ask questions, and after several questions asked
and answered , they were told that if they did not accept this Union busting
contract the International executive board would pull the charter of Local
2036,, we've lost the fight they were told. "go on back down there and
the contact and let the 50 or so members go back to work", knowing full well
there was no language to assure that even 1 local 2036 member would get

 Still meeting with the company on February 20, 2002,, the Company asked
for a counter proposal from the Union,, promising to give them one,,,,,,,
a March 30th 2002,, one was deliver to the Company via US postal service,,,

        They may have deliver the death blow to the local ,, but they
cannot silence the injustice they have dealt upon these members,, many who
are in bad health and will most probably die from lack of medical coverage,
many have suffered terminal problems and the International was made aware of
this by letter prior to canceling ,, their attitude was "oh well !"

 No Unionist should ever forget this injustice,, every rank and file member
should stand up and take their Union back,, make them accountable !!!
    Billy Robinson
     Local 2036
     Henderson, Ky.


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