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San Francisco Labor Council's Resolution On The Firing Of Aila Atawneh & Hiam Yassine From Macy's Of California

Whereas, the labor movement has opposed discrimination due to religion, race and nationality and,

Whereas, there is a growth of anti-immigrant and anti-Arab/anti-Muslim acts taking place as a result of the war in Afghanistan and,

Whereas, Alia Atawneh & Hiam Yassine, Palestinian American employees at at the Macy's Westfield Shoppingtown in Valley Fair in San Jose was fired from their sales job in as a result of harassment and anti-Palestinian attacks,

Therefore be it resolved, this body protests the firing of Alia Atawneh & Hiam Yassine and calls on Macy's and the Federated Department Stores to rehire Alia Atawneh and Hiam Yassine with compensation for her harassment and to educate it's workforce that anti Arab and anti-Muslim insults and discrimination will not be tolerated.

Finally, this body will send a letter to Macy's and The Federated Department Stores to rehire Alia Atawneh and Hiam Yassine and encourage other labor and community individual and organizations to take similar action and concurrence with this resolution.

Unanimously passed by San Francisco Labor Council on 2/11/2001

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