US Labor Against the War

President Obama is about to make a decision about how many more troops to send to Afghanistan, escalating the conflict there. 

The media reports that every additional U.S. troop sent to Afghanistan costs $1 million per year.  That means for every 1,000 troops, the cost of the Afghan war increases by $1 billion.  Increasing the military commitment to Afghanistan also guarantees that more U.S. military personnel and Afghans will be killed, wounded, or maimed for life.

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When the USLAW Leadership Council met in Chicago in December, 2008, it adopted a plan of work that included the following:

  • Oppose any escalation of the conflict in Afghanistan and military action in Pakistan and promote non-military solutions that rely primarily on diplomacy, economic development, and pursuit of terrorists as a criminal rather than military matter.

The wisdom of that stand has been born out by the steady deterioration in the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The government is viewed by Afghans as corrupt and ineffective.  The elections there made a travesty of the very notion of democracy.  Karzai, surrounded by warlords and drug lords, is thoroughly discredited.  His own brother is a druglord and a thug. 

Committing thousands more troops will only stiffen Afghan resistance to foreign military occupation.

If there were ever a time when we should let our government hear from us, that time is now!

We urge you to call or write the President to express your views about plans to escalate the conflict in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

A number of organizations (AFSC, IPS, Peace Action, Codepink, UFPJ, Just Foreign Policy and others) have designated November 23 as a "National Call-in" Day.  But you don't have to wait for the 23rd.  The more calls the President gets, the greater likelihood that our voices will be heard.

The White House Comment Line is 202-456-1111. 

Let the President hear your voice. 

Tell him "No more troops.  No escalation.  More war will not bring more peace.  It's time to find another way!  Spend those billions of dollars to put Americans back to work, provide affordable healthcare to all, improve our educational system and schools, rebuild our nation's infrastructure, and develop effective solutions to global warming."

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