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From: Jon Flanders jonathan.flanders@verizon.net
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005

Troy Area Labor Council
Call for a General Strike to Support NYC Transit Workers

Whereas: The Transit Workers of TWU 100 are on strike to defend their rights and dignity as workers in New York City.

Whereas: The Metropolitan Transit Authority currently has a billion dollar surplus and the State of New York is also running a budget surplus.

Whereas: The Metropolitan Transit Authority is headed by multi-millionaire real estate developer Peter Kalikow as part of a reactionary clique of anti-worker politicians which include NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NY State Governor George Pataki.

Whereas: Rather than using this surplus to negotiate a just settlement with TWU Local 100 the MTA demands concessions from the transit workers.

Whereas: The Right to Strike is a fundamental human right without which all other rights of workers become meaningless.

Whereas: This Anti-Worker Clique is using every anti-labor law on the books, including the threat of arresting union leaders, to intimidate the transit workers into accepting concessions.

Whereas: All the anti-labor and anti-working class forces have come out of the woodwork in a crusade to crush this union and to set the stage for an all out assault on the workers of New York City, New York State and the rest of the United States.

Therefore: The Troy Area Labor Council of the AFL-CIO calls on the New York State AFL-CIO to organize a General Strike of all New York State Union Workers to bring these Anti-Worker politicians to their senses and to obtain a just settlement of the Transit Worker Strike.

Passed unanimously at the December 21 meeting of the Troy Area Labor Council AFL-CIO

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