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KPFA Speakout Now on Video

Labor Speakout/Discussion/Music

Labor, Pacifica And The Media

Held On

Friday November 5, 1999 7:30 PM
Unitarian Church-Martin Luther King Room
Franklin & Geary St. San Francisco

Bay area labor has been united in the defense of the workers at
KPFA and the need to have an alternative media voice that is heard
throughout Northern California. This SpeakOut will focus on why labor is
taking a clear stand against the privatization of KPFA and Pacifica and
what this struggle means to trade unionists & all working people. We
will also discuss how we can step up the campaign within labor to remove
those who are seeking to destroy Pacifica and KPFA and defend the right to
democratic communication for all people.
There will also be a report on the battles in Los Angeles at
KPFK by banned radio programmer John Martinez. Martinez was recently
banned for playing a tape of a Los Angeles Labor Forum on Pacifica &
Democracy. This will be an illuminating look at labor & Pacifica.

Larry Bensky, Fired AFTRA Pacifica Programmer
John Martinez, Chicana Radio Show Los Angeles, Banned Programmer KPFK
Debby Bayer, California Nurses Association
Steve Zeltzer, Producer, Labor Video Project & Union
Producers & Programmers Network (UPPNET)
Dr. Joseph Marshal, Omega Boys Club-Fired Programmer from KMEL
Brian Nelson, ILWU34 and ILWU International Rep To Houston Pacifica
Singer Carol Denney who has written a song about the KPFA-Pacifica
Battle will also perform.

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