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Pennsylvania Man Wins Trademark Internet Dispute With Bridgestone-Firestone.

Press Release

Mr. Jack Myers (my father) has won his domain name dispute battle at the WIPO with Bridgestone-Firestone.

The World Intellectual Property Organization in Switzerland (see has voted to allow Mr. Myers, a former employee of BFS, to keep, a complaint site
directed at BFS.

This decision has set a precedent for complaint sites to be legally
established at non "" sites while using the target company name for the domain name.


Previously, use of a company's mark in the domain name was grounds for having the domain name transferred to the company.

Mr. Myers, from Norwood,PA claimed that the site was protected under free speech and that he used the company's name and marks for the purposes of news reporting and commentary. Mr. Myers, now a 66 year-old retiree, was not represented by counsel.

BFS, a $19 billion per year in sales company represented by the
international law firm of Jones, Day, Reavis, and Pogue, maintained
that the site confused potential customers as to the source of
sponsorship, and that the domain name ""
diluted the company's marks and tarnished its reputation.

At the center of the dispute is Mr. Myers' claim that the company forced him to sign of waiver of criminal charges in order to receive severance pay, sick pay, and unused vacation pay when his
Philadelphia store location was closed in 1988 and later reopened with non-union workers. Also, that the company backdated the store termination agreement in order to deprive Mr. Myers of early retirement benefits due upon reaching the age of 55.

For more details about this dispute, see

BFS' web site is at

The text of the WIPO decision can be read at See Internet Domain Names, Domain Name Disputes, Cases/Decisions. This is case D2000-0190. Click on the WORD file to read the

For more information, you can EMail me at
and my father at

Jack Myers

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