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Stop Pacifica Censorship, Support Striking Reporters

Dear friend of savepacifica,

The censors at Pacifica are at it again. This time, management
has told Amy Goodman, host of Pacifica's Democracy Now, to tone
down her message. According to station managers, Pacifica 
listeners want "softer stories" first thing in the morning.
Goodman is also reportedly being pressured to break the freelance
reporters’ strike by filing stories for Pacifica Network News.

It is once again time to remind Pacifica management that
listeners-sponsors won’t  tolerate censorship, and that we won’t
support a network that practices it.  Please do these two things

1) Send the following letter, or one like it, to Pacifica's
management and board. Here are their email addresses: Bessie Wash
<>, Lynn Chadwick ("consultant")
<>, Mary Berry ("consultant")
<>, David Acosta <>, June Makela <>, Ken Ford <>,
Frank Millspaugh <>, Bob Farrell
<>, John Murdock <>, Michael
Palmer <>, Karolyn Van Putten
<>, Wendell Johns <>,
Andrea Cisco <>.  If you prefer to mail or fax, check for contact information.

2)   We’ll also be posting the letter below on the web. If you’d like your name added to it, please let us know via email at

Pacifica Executive Director Bessie Wash and Pacifica board members,

We are deeply offended by management attempts to dilute the
confrontational and controversial spirit of what has become
Pacifica's signature program, Democracy Now. We are further
alarmed to note that this unethical and inappropriate pressure is
being exercised against Amy Goodman and Democracy Now by the same
governing organization that earlier sought to silence progressive
voices by firing long-time Pacifica National Affairs correspondent
Larry Bensky, and forcing the departure of bureau chief Dan
Coughlin and news anchor Verna Avery Brown from the Pacifica
Network News.

We have heard reports that some in Pacifica's management believe
listeners would rather not hear about conditions in Peruvian
prisons or the US financed drug war in Colombia as they are waking
up in the morning.  And, we've learned that some have criticized
Goodman's "in your face" style. Those issues, and their bold and
intelligent presentation, are precisely what has made Democracy
Now a well-known and well-respected national program, and
unfortunately, the only one left on Pacifica’s national airwaves.

We are further disturbed by reports of management attempts to
force Democracy Now host Amy Goodman to file stories for Pacifica
Network News. PNN's freelance reporters are on strike, and it is
wrong to attempt to coerce an employee to cross their picket line,
or to act against her conscience. Pacifica should know
better.  As listener-sponsors, we demand that you deal with the
strike directly ­ by negotiating with the striking reporters.

Once again, your interference in editorial decision making is
wrong, at best, and at worst, constitutes censorship.

As listener-sponsors, we will not tolerate any attempts to water
down the substance of Democracy Now, to force Goodman to alter her
style, or to try to force her to cross a picket line.

Please respond as to your plans in this matter.


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