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A fellow Trackworkers response to John Herzog's letter to NY Post columnist

This is my response,
I am a Track Inspector. I, my family and everyone we know feel the media is selling us short by only showing everything negative that has come from the strike. The strike has a lot to do with dignity, and respect, none of which we have received from any of the media, The Mayor, The Governor, or The M.T.A.
We all have families who are going to suffer because of the strike. We feel for the commuters, even the ones who spit, curse, and yell at us everyday because their train is delayed, or rerouted while we are repairing a broken rail, so their safety is not at jeopardy.
I invite anyone who thinks we are overpaid to come with me to work one night. Walk the tracks alongside me, stand beside me when a train passes 6 inches from my face while I stand in a niche with rats running up my leg trying to avoid the same oncoming train,sit with me in my quarters while I change my clothes for work looking at walls that are covered in dirt, and brake dust,and air vents that are supposed to bring in fresh air covered with dirt and silt, again with rats running freely. If you have to use the restroom feel free to use the toilet, one which has not worked in months, is backed up, and stinks . Then I invite you to climb down an access ladder to get to the tracks, one that is covered in urine, and feces not only by the homeless, but also by the commuters who just can't hold it anymore. If you can handle this, and I assure you there are a lot more horrors to go along with these, then please join me.


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