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WHY ARE 8 Million US Workers About to Lose Overtime Pay?

Do you think you misread that headline?  You did not.  Missouri's US rep. "Dick" Gephardt did not vote on the overtime bill. Because of this, the Department of Labor will reclassify the work of over 8 million Americans so that they would not qualify for time and a half pay when they work more than 40 hours per week.

The changes will save corporations billions of dollars - straight out of workers' paychecks. Nurses, firefighters, reporters (like St. Louis Newspaper Guild members, pictured from a March rally), police officers, lab technicians and cooks are among the jobs President Bush intends to make eligible for overtime pay. These workers depend on overtime pay to support their families. Overtime pay makes up about one-fourth of overtime workers' weekly earnings, an average of $161 a week. With the stroke of a pen, you and your neighbors economic well-being can be seriously undermined.

You expect this out of the republicans, but this man is from the St. Louis area. He not only didn't vote on overtime, but in a speech in Mexico, he promised  that he would see that NAFTA passed, and  voted for "THE WAR FOR OIL". Does anybody know how he voted on the USA patriot act??? Gephardt didn't vote on legislation over 80% of the time. This "politician continues to accept campaign contributions from Monsanto, Boeing, Ameron UE, Anheuser-Busch, the Cardinal owners, Insurance industry, etc. etc.

JWJ, MO PRO-VOTE, the St. Louis LABOR COUNCIL, and all working class people need to protest this embarrassment each and every week, if not daily. But what do they do??? They endorse him, and believe it on not they give him $$$.

We are planning a protest of our own.
A protest of the changes in overtime.
A protest of GEPHARDT.
We are asking all "progressive" people to join us.

what  : Protest Gephardt and the "overtime" bill
where: The America's Center - Downtown
when : Monday Jan 5th @ 5:00 PM

contact 573/664-1199

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