3/30 Occupation Planned Of NY Albany Capital
Tell Cuomo: No Justice, No Peace
Occupy The Capital March 30th in Albany

Buses from New York will leave at 11 AM from Hunter College (68th St and Lexington Ave) and Penn Station 

Visit http://march24ny.wordpress.com/albany-protest for the exact location of the Penn Station bus

One bus will return to New York Wednesday evening, the other will return Thursday morning (or later)

Please email mikesynan@gmail.com to reserve a seat on the Hunter bus and march4ny@gmail.com for the Penn Station bus

Governor Cuomo is balancing his budget on the backs of the most vulnerable New Yorkers, all to give a massive tax break to the very wealthy. If his budget is passed, Cuomo will have perpetrated the largest transfer of wealth from regular New Yorkers to the wealthy in the history of our state. Cuomo's budget isn't just bad for regular New Yorkers and the most vulnerable'it's bad for the future of our state.  Cuomo's budget makes no sense.  His cuts aren't cuts'they're scars that will destroy communities while impeding growth, and make our state less attractive to anyone that would want to move here and add to our economy.  He is, in effect, creating a larger deficit and more cuts to pay for a tax break for the wealthiest New Yorkers.

We are the 99%.  We represent New York'unfortunately, our Governor does not.  Ninety-nine percent of New Yorkers would not be effected by keeping our current progressive tax system, but many of us would be severely hurt by Cuomo's unnecessary cuts and his tax giveaway to the wealthiest.  New Yorkers know that'and that's why they disagree with Cuomo's plan to cut taxes for the wealthiest by a two-to-one margin. Join RTTC-NYC and the 99% to demand a state budget that meets these demands:

* Strengthen the Rent Laws and Repeal Vacancy Destabilization*

* Extend the Millionaires Tax* 

* Save our children and students from devastating education cuts*


Mr. Cuomo, You've got 5 Days to decide whose side you're on'the 99% or the 1%

 The clock is ticking...and the 99% will not wait in silence...