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Los Angeles weekly Taco Bell pickets...


Activists have been doing weekly pickets at a Taco Bell on Cesar Chavez Blvd. in historically Chicano East LA for more than a month. The community response? Si Se Puede! and a lot of honking horns!

Every Friday at 6 pm a diverse and rotating group of 20-25 people gather for an hour or two to make life miserable for the local TB manager, and to fight against the miserable conditions of farm workers in Southern Florida.

Picketers hold up tomato-shaped picket signs with "Honk for Justice," "Boycott Taco Bell," and "Justicia para los trabajadores." Passerbys get leaflets, brief explanations and usually walk away with a promise to not eat at Taco Bell.

After weeks of protest many people already know about the boycott and potential consumers are turned away regularly. Some pull up to the drive-thru, get a flyer, hear the chants and drive on through honking their support on their way to eat somewhere else. Many agree with the Chihuahua on the protestors banner, "Yo NO quiero Taco Bell."

Protesters on the West side have launched their own weekly protest at the corner of Pico and Bundy and are also getting a fantastic response. A spirited and growing group, led by UCLA students, meets every Friday at 5pm.

Other pickets are being planned, and protests are popping up around the Southland. All are building for when the farmworker's Truth Tour rolls into Los Angeles on September 23rd. A march is being organized that will hit at least four Taco Bell stores between Hollywood and McArthur Park.

The next day, September 24th is the day Taco Bell dreads, when months of organizing will culminate in a protest at their World Headquarters near Irvine.

Get involved! Its easy, there are Taco Bells everywhere, and most people immediately agree that a $5 billion a year company should be able to pay more for tomatoes picked by workers that make $7,500 a year.

Join us at the weekly pickets:

Westside pickets
Fridays 5:00pm
corner of Pico and Bundy
Los Angeles
Call Steve, 310-204-3995

Eastside pickets
Fridays 6:00pm
Cesar Chavez and Atlantic
Los Angeles
Call Fidel, 562-833-1012

For more information on the farmworkers and their struggle for humane conditions, check out the website for the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, at For more Los Angeles information contact 213-380-3929.

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