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Injured Worker Advocates Confront Congressman Dan Lundgren
Date 07/12/05/08:15

by California Coalition For Workers Memorial Day CCWMD
Wednesday Nov 28th, 2007

INJURED WORKER ADVOCATES and the mother of injured Davis Agraquest worker
David Bell came to a Town Hall meeting in Folsom on Wed Nov 28 to
challenge Republican Congressman Dan Lundgren on the cost shifting
by insurance companies and the criminal effort to cover up health and safety
violations by the use illegal importation of bacteria and fungus by Agraquest
in Davis California.
Injured worker advocates went to Folsom, California to
challenge US Congressman Dan Lundgren about the massive cost shifting
by insurance companies and employers to prevent them from getting healthcare.
In the case of David Bell, an injured worker who was infected by dangerous
bacteria and fungus at the company, over $330,000 was paid for his healthcare
due to the criminal cover-up of his injuries by the company and Liberty
Mutual the insurance company.
The company was also involved in dumping these dangerous molds
and fungus into the grounds outside the plant without proper protection
or legal authorization.
It turned out that a workers comp judge who denied his claim had
previously worked for a law firm that represented Liberty Mutual. The
growing corruption crisis, the results of deregulation and the cover-up
of this scandal by the government and the main stream media will not go away.
These are two of the statements that were partially read at
the meeting. Lundgren prevented David Bell's mother Sandra Trend
from reading the entire statement and said this was a state issue
and that he was willing to have "private" meeting with her.
Injured workers are calling for Federal Congressional Hearings
to be convened in Davis, California by Congresswomen Lynn Woolsey
who is chairwoman of the Congressional Subcommittee on
Workforce Protections which is part of the Committee on Education and Labor
Please write to Woolsey at the US Congress and her office in Petaluma
and support the call for Congressional hearings on this issue to be held
in Davis, California. Workers Lives and the health and safety
of all need to be addressed now before more people die or are injured.

Congressman Dan Lungren
Town Hall Meeting
Wednesday November 28, 2007
Folsom City Hall
City Council Chambers
50 Natoma Street
Folsom, CA 95630

Mr Lungren,

You stated recently when you were speaking of the stem cell breakthrough, "those of us in the Congress who have argued on behalf of the co-existence of science and ethics," .

I ask you Mr. Lungren, what ethics does Congress really have when it comes to protecting the rights of the American worker who works or worked in the science field, in particular biotechnology?

I'll explain why I am here tonight.

On October 31 of this year I received a call from Michelle at your Gold River Office concerning a letter I had written on October 9th to Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey and Lynn Dondis of the Education and Workforce Committee United States House of Representatives.

Perhaps you did not read this letter, I would like to give it to you now. (if anyone else would like to read this letter it is available for hand-out)

I am in question as to why Michelle would say to me that since my son moved out of state his workplace acquired illness/disease is no longer a California issue when in fact his workplace acquired illness/disease was from a biotech company in Davis, CA?

Mr. Lungren, I would like to add at this point that at the end of 2005 my sonıs medical bills were over $333,000.00. I have since stopped counting.

I would like an explanation as to why [the company ] has not met itıs responsibility under United States and California law to cover these medical expenses instead of denying any and all wrong doing. I would like to know why the California workers compensation system does not enforce the American workers rights to this entitled compensation.

To date there have been 19 microorganisms identified, both bacteria and fungi, that have tested positive in either and/or my sonıs cultures, found in his blood or he had positive to HIGH POSITIVE antibody response in environmental IgG testing (showing levels of exposure.)

Each of the 19 microorganisms can be traced back to the company my son worked for either in their products (pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, miocides ect)., United States patents assigned to the company or patents assigned to other companies listing the same scientists my son worked with as inventors on these patents. On one particular patent, 4 days after my son sought emergency medical treatment, all scientists from {the company} began signing over their interests to the patent to a company out of state.

Based on the following it is beyond my comprehension how there could be any doubt as to the connection of my sonıs medical condition and his prior employment with [the company]:

The biotechnology company my son worked for openly boasts they:
"have over 23,000 microorganisms in their extensive culture collection"
"company scientists have traveled the world over looking for microorganisms"
they use "microbe hunters".

In the book "Technology Ventures" by Richard C Dorf it is stated: "In addition, a case study about an actual biotechnology firm, [the company], runs from one chapter to the next"

page 73:
"They [the company ]check out new samples of soils, plant roots, or lichen arriving from across the globe"

page 119
"Using a proprietary technology, each week [the company] researchers analyze hundreds of potential naturally occurring microbes for a novel ability to destroy or impact various undesired bacteria, fungi, insects, and nematodes.."
"To date, the company has screened more than 20,000 microorganisms and identified 23 that display high levels of activity against insects, nematodes, and plant pathogens." "One of the more promising discoveries that AgraQuest has licensed is a stinky fungus from Honduras..." (on the companyıs own website it is said [the company] discovered this fungus)

Natural Occurring microbes does not in any way imply "they are safe" Mr Lungren. Natural occurring microbes are the cause of illness, disease and death as we all know.

In [the companies] security and exchange filing of 2001 [the company ] states:
"We use hazardous materials in our business."
"Our research and development activities involve the controlled use of hazardous materials and disposal of biological and other hazardous waste."

The company my son worked for was in the process of re- registering with the EPA a product called Serenade, a bacteria bacillus subtilis strain for use on crops and ornamentals. My son had direct contact with this product. In 2000 the EPA gave the company a "conditional time-limited" registration because of problems they themselves found.

In [the company's] securities and exchange filing of 2001:
"The EPA conditioned its approval of our Serenade registration on the requirement that by July 2001 we conduct five additional studies that are designed to further demonstrate Serenade's safety." (My son was told his position was being terminated on 6/1/1999 and he was given $1441.00 in severance pay.)
"If the results of any of these studies are unacceptable to the EPA, the EPA may revoke its approval of Serenade or impose limitations on its use. Because EPA approval is required for commercial sales of Serenade in the United States and will affect sales of Serenade abroad, the loss of EPA approval for any reason, including our inability to satisfy the conditions of our EPA registration, would prevent further sales of Serenade in the United States and in countries that export crops to the United States."
"The field testing, manufacture, sale and use of pest management products, including Serenade and the product candidates we are developing, are regulated extensively by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or the EPA, and state, local and foreign governmental authorities. These regulations substantially increase the time and cost associated with bringing our products to market. If we do not receive the necessary governmental approvals to test, manufacture and market our products, or if regulatory authorities revoke our approvals or grant them subject to restrictions on use, we may be unable to sell our products and our business may fail."
"Our inability to satisfy the conditions of our EPA registration could limit or prevent sales of Serenade in the United States."
"We believe that establishing and maintaining the AgraQuest and, initially, the Serenade brands are critical to our success."

One needs not question why my son's illness/disease was never reported to the Federal and state agency, as is required by law based on the above.

Mr. Lungren, I am at this time requesting a congressional investigation into this matter as well as an investigation into the corruption that is taking place within the California workers compensation system that denys compensation to an employee or ex-employee who has a workplace acquired injury, illness and disease.


Sandra L. Trend

Dina Padilla's Statement
on 3rd Congressional critical American issues
11-26-07 Statement
I, Dina Padilla will be running as the Peace and Freedom Party for the 3rd Congressional District seat of the State of California. The following are the most immediate critical issues I see facing Americans today and that serious correction is needed now.
That there be an immediate pullout of all American troops from Iraq, the immediate end of the war in Iraq, to not escalate wars in the mideast or anywhere else in the world.
The current administration started a false war for imperialistic control of Iraq's resources-OIL.
This has caused severe loss of life, loss of limbs and mental status for both Americans and Iraqi's, with grave financial burden layed upon all Americans. Due to the current administration lies, to go into Iraq, this has greatly damaged the reputation of the United States of America around the world as a civil, humane, peaceful and democratic society. We are looking no different than countries who have complete disregard for human life.
That there be healthcare for all with accountability unlike what we have today with insurance companies/HMO's like Kaiser who are in complete control of healthcare via legislators. That insurance companies-HMO's and any other profit health care provider who profit off of the most vulnderable will no longer be in control of healthcare but be directed and operated by individuals with real compassion and expertise for the sick and the dying. That no profit will be made off of the sick or dying patients.
That there be investigations into insurance companies/HMO's who have denied medical care, eked out medical care and committed egregious malpractice including maimings and deaths of untold numbers of citizens, all for evil profit and that all health care providers be held accountable for all medical malpractice with no limits and that there be enforcement of the law by law and order-justice and not by enforcement of state and federal agencies like the Dept. of Health and Human Services which allows the maiming and killing to go on of patients.
That injured workers receive all their due medical care and compensation that they have horrendously been denied for decades via illegal and wrongful enacted legisation such as SB899 signed by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger that has negatively impacted public policy and the state and federal treasury.
That there be investigations and accountability into all state and federal agencies that have been fraudulently receiving American taxpayer money and criminally not providing the services to American citizens, resulting in the monumental fraudulent cost shifting to the American taxpayers such as medicare and social security.
That there be congressional hearings concerning the fact that patients, employees, and citizens have been denied their consititional, civil and human rights such as due process, rightful compensation in all health related issues such as workers compensation, medical care, vocational rehabilitation, causing destitution, the theft of personal property by all involved including insurance companies, corporations and government officials, maiming and death.
That there be congressional hearings as to why labor laws have not been inforced and no wage increases to the level of the prevailing wage. That there be congressional investigations as to why people's pensions cannot be collected and or have been allowed to be stolen and have not been given back to the workers.
That we need to increase our employment rolls for our nation's educational system, infrastructure, and the need for real security for WE the American
people and OUR nation.

Sincerely, Dina Padilla Peace and Freedom Party Candidate dinapadilla [at]

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